Practise paragraph

“symbols are a rich source of meaning.”

Historically symbols have always held a significance in society, the importance of these symbols is showcased in film, “Minority Report.” In this film one of the most prevalent symbols is the image of an eye. Eyes are typically referred to in literature as the ” Windows to the soul,” and this is exploited in the films own world. Shown in the fact that eyes in the film connect people to the world around them for advertising, social interaction and for surveillance. The justice system called pre-crime in the Minority Report world use technologically advanced eyes in order to register citizens and to identify them. In this world built for the film, eyes are a persons identity, they are essentially a person’s soul, and with all the advancements in technology the justice unit of pre-crime uses peoples eyes as a window of surveillance to judge their character; to judge their soul. The historical significance of eyes can be found in ancient Greece, where the goddess of Justice ‘Tiresias’, is blind folded, and also the ‘Moirai’ also know as the three fates were blind. In the film there are three pre-cogs mirroring the fates, and whom predict the future and therefore determine the destiny of our protagonist. Justice, in the form of Tiresias historically was blind in order to convey a fair trial, where a person could be weighed upon themselves and their crime. However, the justice department of the film disregard this, weighing up a persons crime by having the ability to be all seeing due the the pre-cogs power of being able to determine the future, by knowing a persons future before they know it themselves.

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